In this module we focus on a strategic Asset Management Plan; how can such a plan help to take Real Estate decisions that will lead to a contributing portfolio? Next to this, we zoom in on  a specific building of which we explore the demand side (what do occupiers need to be able to flourish?) and the supply side (what’s the current performance of the building). Comparization of these two sides shows a match or a mismatch. We develop a strategy to improve the match. Finally this strategy is being translated into a tactical plan in which a rough cost estimate of the suggested interventions is included.


Professionals who want to develop themselves in this field. Particularly when delivering a appreciated fit for use environment is part of your challenge.

Hierna kun je

You know how to improve the match between demand and supply in a working environment and you know how a strategic asset management plan can help to take real estate decisions that lead to a contributing portfolio.

Learning outcomes 

  1. Judge and reflect on a long-term strategic real estate plan in alignment with the company’s corporate strategy and the complex context of environmental trends and other effects influencing real property strategy and property assets.
  2. Analyse the use, and performance of a specific building its characteristics, technology, its users, the environment and trends with the help of instruments.
  3. Develop an improvement plan linked to the performance of the building and real estate and corporate strategy, with a clear discussion of the FREM added values.
  4. Critically appraise the use of buildings and their environment as an enabler of change.
  5. To develop presentational skills in relation to the results of analyses in an academic, concise, informative and critical manner.

Te verbeteren competenties

  1. Methodically recognizing developments and trends in the external sector and integrating them into the FREM strategy.
  2. Analyzing the building portfolio aspects in the context of FREM processes and the FREM company environment and the company financial situation to enhance the added value of the facilities.
  3. Judging and reflecting based on incomplete information within a research context and being able to underpin knowledge and rationale to specialist and non-specialist. 


Niveau Master
Duur korter dan 3 maanden
Locatie Maastricht
Erkenning Certificaat
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Detailed Module description:


Brief Description


Introduction of the module and discussion of CREAM trends and developments


Sustainable, durable, easy to adapt housing facilities


Study trip to London: observations making use of checklist dynamic building


Strategic Property Plan


Stakeholder Analyses; who are involved? who does have the power?


Building Performance according to Value Dimensions van der Voordt


Use of a building (making use of London observations)


Defining the mismatch between demand and supply


Developing a strategic plan (that solves the mismatch)


Develop a tactical plan (that clarifies the impact of the suggested strategy)


Extra session, feedback on drafts, solve issues, 1:1 meetings and/or group meetings


Presentations of student’ solutions for provided case


The first coursework assignment (3.000 words, 30%) requires students to evaluate the strategic property plan of an organization. The second coursework assignment (7.000 words, 70%) concerns the development of a strategic and project plan for a specific building, based on an analysis of trends and developments, stakeholders, building performance, bottlenecks and improvement targets. The building performance analysis has to be based upon the added value dimensions from van der Voort/TUDelft.



Students prepare the sessions and they pitch their preparations right at the start of the day. Then group discussions take place, interactive workshops, exercises (group wise and individually). Specialists give guest lectures about e.g. Strategic Asset Management, Tactical plans, Stakeholders Management, Value Dimensions. The atmosphere in class is quite loose; different thoughts are being encouraged. Active participation of all attendees is the recipe to create an effective learning environment.

Preparation of the sessions, attending the sessions, processing the discussed information and the assignments (two papers to write) will take between150 -200 hours.

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